Snow Monitor

SnowMonitor is recommended for all buildings planned, but also to all existing ones, which have a flat roof or roof with minimum inclination. It is also possible to mount the system on the sloped roofs. Type of construction material does not matter - it could be either steel, concrete (reinforced concrete, pre-stressed construction, etc.) or wood – it will only determine the type of sensor to be used.
Main benefits:
 - safety,
 - savings,
 - reliability,
 - functionality.
The measuring system - the core elements of the system are sensors, located in the representative areas, selected due to the static scheme of construction. Measured data from the sensors are read by the local measurement modules at predefined time intervals (e.g. once a minute). Then the data are transmitted to a data collection center, where they are processed and compared with the defined threshold values for each monitored area.

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