General information
The multiplexer MUX32 is designed to expand the number of measurement inputs used for data acquisition systems. This device allows to connect up to 32 additional sensors, sending data as low power analog signals and low frequency voltage. By using relays with low contact resistance MUX32 device can work with different types of sensors: eg. strain gage integrated with thermistor, resistance bridges, thermocouples or sensors with 4-20 mA output. The multiplexer MUX32 supports three possible ways of switching the measurement lines: 32 channels of 2 wires, 16-channel 4 wires or 2 independent, concurrently switched measuring channels 8 channels of 4 wires.

Product advantages:
-    easy and inexpensive extension the measuring system by 16 or 32 measurement channels,
-    supporting  2- or 4-wire switches,
-    the ability to connect various types of analog low power signals,
-    cooperation with various types of sensors,
-    communication with the master system via various interfaces and protocols,
-    the ability to connect up to 99 devices one 2-wire main line,
-    overvoltage protection on signal, communication and power supply lines,
-    simple configuration
-    low power consumption
-    compact design.