In-Place Inclinometer

An IPI (In-Place-Inclinometers) system is build from a series of inclinometer sensors. They create so called inclinometers chain, where inclinometers are connected to eachother via ball joint located on the top of each inclinometer. Such complete chain is placed inside the inclinometer casing. Tilts measured by sensors are multiplied with their assossiated length. The result of all read outs is the deformation curve and its changes compared with the „zero” reading. All measurements are static. Inclinometer chains can be connected to one digital main line RS485 and further to any reading device (laptop / PC) with implemented ModBUS RTU protocol.

Key advantages:
 - remote & constant monitoring,
 - uniaxal and biaxial for measuring vertical and horizontal displacements,
 - high precision, removable, long lasting,
 - solid stainless steel housing, resistant to mechanical damages, humidity and corrossion,
 - equipped with wheels, compatible with most inclinometer casings,
 - digital BUS system.

 - dams, embankments & retaining walls,
 - deep excavations, diaphragm walls, tunnels & underground works,
 - landslides.