A1 highway - Piekary Slaskie

Automatic Monitoring System of Deformations and Subsidences of the Motorway Construction called Inspector Highway.

Advantages of the system:
 - improve safety of highway users,
 - avoid the costs of a highway  renovation (caused by sinkholes),
 - extension of the structure life cycle,
 - protection against mining damages.

Monitoring system performs measurements automatically, what allows to eliminate the human errors and to perform reliable read-outs.

The number of installed sensors:
 - measurement of vertical movement of the ground: 2 541 pcs,
 - measurement of geogrid deformations: 12 706 pcs,
 - measurement of temperature:  15 247 pcs,
 - measurement of ground settlements:  25 pcs,
 - measurement of reinforcement:  30 pcs,

Number of measuring channels:   30 604,
Number of independent subsections:   310,
Cable length:  about  550 km,
Surface covered:  100 000 sqm,

Most probably it's the biggest road monitoring system worldwide.