Tauron Arena - Krakow

TAURON Arena Krakow is the biggest in Poland and one of the most modern in the world hall entertainment and sports venue. The compound consists of two halls – a large one and a small one. The main hall is primarily a huge arena. Three levels of audience theatre, seating or standing on the court, the facility to freely configure the auditorium are the features that will meet the organisation requirements of any scale events. In convenient backstage amenities for athletes and performers, expanded multimedia systems, as well as good acoustics of the venue have already convinced many of those planning future events in Krakow.
NeoStrain installed the Inspector Arena system measuring:
 - strains in concrete,
 - strains in steel,
 - tilts,
 - forces in tie bars,
 - vertical displacements,
 - acceleration of vibration,
 - wind velocity and direction,
 - temperature of construction.